Prym is Germany’s oldest family owned business, with a reputation for high-quality metal products, from sewing needles to electronic components.To shed more light on the beginnings of the company and better understand the pioneering developments which ensured our success and paved the way to the 21st century, the William Prym corporate archive has been researching the company’s history for decades.The firm’s history dates back to the 14th century, when a man named Johann Prym is reported to have worked in the metal industry in 1340.Despite these early documents, the company is said to be founded in 1530, when records indicate that Wilhelm Prym started up business as a goldsmith in Aachen. However, in 1642 the Protestant Prym family lost its guild rights in the Catholic city of Aachen and moved to Stolberg along with many others in the same situation. This is where the company’s head office is still found today – nobody could have dreamed back then that the company would enjoy such a long and successful history, one day employing over 3,500 people worldwide.In the 19th century, Prym developed the first machines to produce finished brass, iron and steel products, while still continuing to produce copper and brass products in the traditional style. Under the management of William Prym (1811-1881), the company prospered and grew.


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