Cork Fabric, Suitable for Embroidery, Decorative Real Cork, 50x59cm

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Cork Fabric, Suitable for Embroidery, Decorative Real Cork, 50x59cm

Product code: mantar-50x59cmt

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Cork Fabric, Suitable for Embroidery, Sewing, Decorative, Obtained from Cork Oak.
Cork is a decorative looking and natural product, it is obtained from the outer bark of cork oak trees, the tree is not cut.

Cork fabric has been processed and lined on the back, making it a structure that can be sewn and embroidered.

Underneath is thin felt, a thin layer of cork is glued to the mattress.

It can be embroidered, it is a fabric suitable for sewing. It has a foldable structure.

Thickness 2mm

Size: 50x59cm

The price is for 1 layer.

What can be done?

*Hand embroidery can be done, it has a very decorative and striking appearance as a panel.

* Products such as bags, wallets, pen holders can be made or it can be applied to them and combined with the beautiful appearance of natural wood material.

*You can make a nice combination by sewing cork fabric on the worn cover part of your bag.

* Cork is known as a natural and fatigue-relieving material, so it is used in shoes and slippers, you can renew the worn sole.

About the Cork Oak Tree

Cork oak trees can grow up to 30 - 35 meters. Fungal layer begins to form from the age of 8 below an altitude of 1000m, and from the age of 11 at higher altitudes. With age, the thickness of the cork layer decreases. Cork oaks, which can live to about 200 years old, produce bark up to 100 years old. The tree does not die or is cut down due to bark ingestion.

Area of usage For Furniture
Area of usage Cross stitch table
Color Selection Brown
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