Purelite 4 in 1 Crafters Magnifying Lamp, LED Lamp With Accessories

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Purelite 4 in 1 Crafters Magnifying Lamp, LED Lamp With Accessories

Product code: purelite-4in1-beyaz

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STANDING MAGNİFYİNG LAMP. Assembling a Floor Lamp, Assembling a Table Lamp 

Lighted, electric and battery operated magnifying glass that can be used comfortably while sitting or on a desk. Material box and schematic fastener are available.

The part where the illuminated lens is located and the clamp part that is used to hold the diagram can move at any angle and stay fixed.

There is an adapter in the package so you can plug it in and use it, and a battery slot for you to use it with a battery.

You can use it with a battery or with an adapter.

21 LEDs are placed around the magnifying glass for lighting.

You can adjust the lighting level of the LEDs as you wish.

There is a weight on the base so that the magnifier can stand without tipping over.

The lens magnifies 2 times.

Note: You can increase or decrease the magnification by changing your distance from the lens.

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Magnifying Glass LED Lamp With Accessories Purelite 4 in 1 - Etsy

Product size and weight: 26x26x150 cm - 3.48 Kilogram

Box size and weight: 10x26x41 cm - 3.7 Kilogram

Usage areas;

- Extends to approximately 155cm (61 inches) tall in floor lamp use

- 50cm (19.7 inches) flexible neck for easy positioning

- Features 15cm (6 inches) optical quality glass lens with 2x magnification

- It can be used when embroidering hand embroidery such as cross-stitch and tapestry.

- Can be used while reading a book.

- Suitable for people with vision problems in reading and embroidery. (Contributes to magnification and light)

- It allows to see the circuits closely in electronic repair and applications.

- Can be used by silver and stone crafters.

Magnifier Features;

- Easily adjustable light level

- 170 Lumens Luminous Intensity

- 6500K White Light Tint

- 20,000 Hours of Operation

- 2x Magnification

- Low energy consuming LED light system A+

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