Order and Payment

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Order and Payment

a) The customer is unconditionally responsible for the credit cards and other payment information used at goblen.com

b) goblen.com may cancel all payments and credit card transactions it deems suspicious and reserves the right to stop all services of the customer

c) All services without payment transactions are paused by goblen.com and the customer knows that a different price policy will be applied for delayed payments

d) Your card information is never recorded. It is protected by an SSL security certificate and transmitted directly to the bank system

e) Goblen.com declares that the customer's credit card information will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances

f) The customer undertakes the accuracy of the information in the mail order and credit card payments created in the electronic environment. The customer knows and accepts that if the information is incorrect, the damages and services will be stopped without notice.

g) Goblen.com may change the payment organs offered to the customer at any time or close them to the use of the customer.